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The tastes of history

A journey through time with food that has been inspired by history and made from locally produced ingredients with a modern gourmet twist.

”The tastes of history” will transport you to a bygone era, an era when heat came from a wood burning stove in the kitchen and a tiled stove in the front room. When garments were not particularly comfortable but fantastically elegant to wear. When the home-maker in the kitchen knew how to cook the local delicacies in the very best way. And when the drinks served with food were made of whatever was in season at the time.

We meet up in Beckasingården. There, everyone gets changed into special clothes. A dresser will help everyone to find their right size and will also assist with buttoning the beautiful, historical garments. If you would like to have an extra fancy hair-do, we can help you put up your hair. When everyone has put on the fancy, historical clothes, the trip in time will begin. The guests meet up and begin by drinking a toast and enjoying some light snacks. Then we walk together to the neighbouring farm, Sjungaregården, where ”The tastes of history” will take place. Candles are the only source of light.

During the evening, a cavalcade of different gourmet dishes are served, all made from locally produced ingredients. Every dish has its own special history. When the serving staff have brought in the guests’ plates, the matron tells the story about that particular dish. Each dish is served with a carefully chosen and very special drink. There are also alcohol-free drinks available for anyone who prefers that.

We look forward to receiving your booking for this tasty journey in time!